Monday, November 12, 2012


Fall is here with frosty nights and cool days.  A few grasshoppers survive and warm in the sun to their soon demise.  We look forward to Spring, a new year and new life.

The past few months have been setting up and building business ventures to raise funds, sufficient enough to take on projects toward Entomophagy and other sustainability projects, without having to scrounge through junk piles to get parts and materials.

Although I do somewhat pride myself in being able to create functioning systems and items out of leftovers, I believe some things to be done correctly, needs better materials and especially where Entomophagy is concerned and our dream of creating practical Clean Bug Systems in climate controlled enclosures.  This requires funds and so we move on to acquire them.

Gourmet Bugs has not disappeared, far from it.  We are just beginning.

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